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Connaught Search was founded on a vision to provide a complete step-change in quality of delivery, cost and professional ethics from the conventions of executive recruitment. Our clients firmly believe we have achieved that goal. Our methodologies and toolkits support some of the most experienced executive search consultants currently operating, to provide a level of knowledge and service that is unsurpassed.

Connaught Search and its consultants have worked, lived and delivered executive recruitment projects across Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA and Asia and are well placed to provide support to your global recruitment needs.

The intensity of our focus is "Excellence of Delivery", which starts with investing the time up front to conduct extensive research of the business goals and factors underpinning each hire, and then driving the process to an outstanding leader taking the appointment.  We believe that in order to find the right candidate it is essential first to get an in depth grasp of the challenge the role is created to address.


Connaught Search delivers projects to the highest standards, and have succeeded in setting new benchmarks for the delivery of executive search projects.  Our track record of auditable work conforms to the following Best Practice pillars:

 Project Planning

Structured Execution

 Proven Toolkits & Methodologies

 Risk & Delivery Assurance

Total Transparency

Competitive Pricing

Excellence in Delivery Framework

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Connaught Search Solutions was launched in 2006 by the current CEO, who was keen to deliver fresh thinking and innovation to clients, in the critical areas of Cost, Quality and Ethics.  Quite simply this involved listening to their requirements and issues, then creating a solution, rather than the other way round.  He tested and benchmarked the Embedded Search model within a FTSE 100, and subsequently developed the concept for the wider global market.

This pioneering model saw Connaught establish its reputation quickly, delivering solutions to leading corporations and household name brands, with ‘early adopters’ recognising its full potential. The model rapidly proved that it could be very successfully applied to companies in any sector, and on an international basis. Early clients were spread broadly across sectors as diverse as high tech, Building Products, IT Services, Retail, Engineering, Software, Public Sector outsourcing and Telecoms such as:


  • Cisco

  • Vodafone

  • Visa

  • Microsoft

  • Alliance Boots

  • Wolseley

  • Invensys

  • National Grid

  • Serco

  • Polycom

  • Honeywell

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