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“The team at Connaught supported with the recruitment into 2 key positions within the DCP Services function. 

The Services business was going through a huge amount of change in terms of strategy and leadership, creating a backdrop of ambiguity. Due to their approach Connaught were able to present high quality candidates with a range of backgrounds which really helped us to understand what we were looking for.  They were brave in their identification of diverse candidates and were excellent at positioning the reasons why each was a potential fit.

As a result we offered two of the candidates senior positions. The individuals recruited have been successful in their roles with us and we have seen a significant benefit to our repairs business.

Throughout the process the team at Connaught were responsive, consultative and demonstrated a genuine desire to deliver the best result for DCP, with no ‘hard sell’.

Overall, I would recommend the team at Connaught and would certainly work with them again. They are a pleasure to work with and epitomise an authentic and genuine consultative approach.”

Sally Whitlock, Head of HR, Group Services, Dixons Carphone PLC

“Connaught’s unique and intense professional approach to their work ensures that I always get exceptional service on any executive search project. It is a combination of three things that underpin their success: the thoroughness with which they plan and manage every assignment, their own assessment toolkits and methodologies, and finally the quality of their consultants and the standards that they work to. They have re-set the benchmark for what I expect from executive search at Microsoft. Connaught always plan, manage and execute international search projects that deliver exceptional quality candidates every time, which is why they are my chosen supplier.”

Melanie Collins, Regional Staffing Manager – WW Services EMEA & APJ, Microsoft

“As a candidate recruited into Cisco by Connaught Search, I was extremely impressed by the management and attention to detail shown in every aspect of the recruitment process.  Nothing was left to chance.

I was just one executive hire within a large-scale senior hire programme they delivered, and most impressive of all has been the uniformly high standard of the other hires that I have worked with in the years since joining Cisco.  I believe this unusual long term ‘fit’ was achieved through the innovation of their model, which included their delivery team being based on their client’s site.  Consequently their understanding of Cisco’s requirements was at a much higher level than conventional executive search organisations.

I had an excellent candidate experience with Connaught.  Their recruitment expertise and deep customer knowledge, their assessment skills and the innovation of their delivery model, combined with their collaborative approach, proved to me that they set a new benchmark in executive recruitment on many levels”

Hugh Eaton, Senior Director, Public Sector, EMEAR, Cisco

“I have worked in recruitment for over 21 years, both in-house and with agencies, and in that time have met hundreds of recruitment professionals. I can say without question that the Connaught team is THE most professional I have ever met. In an industry where conflicts of interest often occur, they bring integrity, honesty, total commitment and sheer hard work to every single task, not to mention excellent business savvy.”

Nick Turner, Senior EMEA Recruitment Manager, Polycom

“The Connaught model makes so much sense. I cannot understand why any corporation would not use it!”

Head of HR Operations, Global Financial Services Organisation

“I have a long standing relationship with Connaught as a partner which has continued into my new role as Global VP Resourcing and Talent at Invensys.  The reasons I use Connaught as a trusted search partner are based around the consistently excellent quality of their delivery, combined with their high level of professional integrity and ethics.  I would advocate their services to anyone requiring executive search of the highest standard.”

Andy Hill, SVP Global Resourcing, Invensys

“I have worked with a large number of headhunters and the Connaught team is the best. You can only judge the service by its results and every search I’ve commissioned has returned a brilliant candidate.”

Director Wolseley UK

“I found the service offered from Connaught to be very structured and responsive to my needs. The team really spent time to understand the real requirements and objectives of the role before they started trying to match potential candidates to the role - this made the whole process very efficient for me, as we only discussed people who were relevant for the role. The ongoing updates were excellent and clear to understand - for once an enjoyable recruitment process!'

Country Manager, S&P 500 Global Technology Leader

“Connaught helped me solve a complicated staffing challenge; IT Vendor Management Director serving our Europe / Emerging Markets Theater. This "Best in Class" hire will allow us to support our CIO/CEO's mission "Enable every business move we make with IT". Thanks Connaught.

Vice President, S&P 500 Global Technology Leader

“After a few months it was clear that this innovative solution addressed the scale of our executive resourcing challenges and was capable of serving us better than the mainstream executive search firms for most assignments. By working on-site with us as part of the team, the consultants had the arguably unassailable advantage of knowing us in such depth, that even prior to the start of each assignment they were already positioned to finish it better.”

Head of HR UK, FTSE 100 Telecoms Company

“From Group Headquarters I observed this embedded search model quickly develop into an effective delivery platform. In terms of service levels, great value was enabled by the depth, quality and real-time nature of internal relationships between the on-site team and both Line and HR Management. The quality of candidates submitted were therefore comparable to those from higher cost sources, and in most cases more suited to the culture of our organisation, as their screening was more deeply informed. The result was a strong sense of professional trust between all parties. In summary, this embedded search facility was highly successful and provided an invaluable bridge from junior manager selection up to executive Director level. The net benefit was a cost-effective senior hiring solution which added real value to, and complemented the overall resourcing strategy.”

HR Director, UK & I, Global Consulting Firm

"This Embedded Search operating model provided a level of service that is arguably unparalleled elsewhere in the executive search world, as their dedication to their Client is total. That it comes with the additional benefit of significant bottom line cost saving to the overall recruitment budget makes it an enlightened and highly compelling solution. With high grade, results-oriented Consultants working on-site as an integral part of the Recruitment Team, fully engaged with HR Partners and Hiring Managers, the overall value delivered to the company is in a different space to external suppliers.“

Head of UK Recruitment, FTSE 100 Telecoms Company

“I am very protective of the employment brand I represent, and demand high standards from any third party recruitment partner to ensure that they optimise their abilities to represent us well in the marketplace. Through active involvement in the company itself, a good consultant will have an edge in this regard, and indeed, I received regular positive endorsement of the candidate experience from senior shortlist candidates. The team who delivered this solution did an outstanding job for us, and I would be happy to discuss my experience in greater detail with any prospective client organisation.”

Senior HR Business Partner, FTSE 100 Telecoms Company

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