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Spring Forward?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Spring is officially (meteorologically speaking) here, and with its arrival has come some optimism that the UK and the World, may soon see the light at the end of the Covid19 tunnel.

Here in the UK on 03 March we had our first Government Budget Statement since the vaccine programme began. Whilst reminding us all that we are not quite there yet, it was definitely pitching a more optimistic tone, with the aim being to support jobs as we pass through the last stages of the crisis and to poise the economy for recovery as we return to some kind of normal.

Green shoots

Along with the crocuses in our parks and gardens, we are seeing green shoots from across our client base as they seek to reshape their leadership teams, ready for whatever comes next. Some in industry are expecting a "U" shaped recovery and others more of a steady growth out of the sharp declines they have seen, whilst many are completely re-imagining not only what they do, but also how they do it.

Whichever route out of Covid19 businesses are adopting, the most forward looking ones are jumping onto the unprecedented pool of talent that has become mobile through the crisis. This is whether they find themselves available due to circumstances beyond their control, or they have chosen to change direction through the lens of 2020's experiences.

Solid growth built on firm foundations

As businesses seek to grow their way back to greatness, many recognise that the foundation of solid growth and the innovation required to achieve it requires new skills in their leadership functions. Whether their business plans to flip to a more digital model or create new offerings, many are looking for a fresh approach driven from executive level. There is a recognition that much of this requires the firm foundations of an innovative, experienced and driven leadership team, and are turning to businesses that are at the spear’s tip of finding tomorrow’s leaders today, like ours for support.

Executive search businesses like ours exist to help such clients to find the very best available people, and to do that in such a way that doesn't leave them with an enlarged Talent Acquisition team that is out of kilter with their longer term needs. We can provide peak load capacity without loading up your headcount. We are here to ensure you can act fast and win the battle for the most outstanding leaders to support your business into the future.

Finding the best firm to find your best people

Having established that you need the services of an executive search firm to help you to deliver rapid change, you may face the unenviable choice of some premium priced, but well known firms or the many niche/boutique practices that have grown into the search industry of today. Some of the considerations you have may be the same as the reasons Connaught was established 15 years ago.

There are usually three areas that our clients are keenest to ensure are right before engaging a headhunting business:

  1. Costs. We find that clients are always concerned to limit their costs when it comes to search, because the perception has been that of the expensive, lavishly headquartered search firms that charge based on total remuneration, which can result in very high fees and sometimes unnecessarily complex calculations.

  2. Ethics/Conflicts of Interest. Normally, when engaging the relevant industry practice of a large search firm, clients have to accept that those same industry experts have Hands Off Agreements with many of their competitors. This either excludes a large element of their target market or acceptance that Conflicts of Interest may have to or sometimes will be breached.

  3. Quality. The principal consideration when hiring a search firm is confidence that they will understand the brief and are equipped to provide the very best, world class talent in a timely way at the end of the process.

At Connaught we seek to eliminate Conflicts of Interest by delivering the most ethical model in the Executive Search Industry, working only for one client per industry at any time, with an unimpeachable record.

Our cost model aims to be simple and cost effective as possible and certainly more cost effective than conventional industry norms. We operate from a very lean, highly efficient model which makes us extremely competitive.

The same expert team that you meet during the pitch process will be responsible for delivery of your search briefs, meaning that nothing is lost in translation from brief to delivery and absolute accountability for quality from day one.

Poised for “Recovery+”

As the economy fires back into life, those on the front foot within their markets will benefit most from Recovery+. Connaught are here to support you through that process, whether you are a large business looking for an outsourced Executive Search model, where we provide an on site solution, or you need specific, strategic roles filled for your growing scale-up business.

From all here at Connaught, we wish you all the brightest and most exciting Spring and Recovery+!

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