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We live in extraordinary times, and the only certainty we have is that extraordinary times will demand exceptional leaders.  That is what Connaught delivers.



We deliver senior leadership and interim search to build and enhance highly effective, diverse leadership teams, in order to support Corporate Growth Strategy.

Connaught was founded to deliver innovation and fresh thinking into the search industry and to challenge its norms. We deliver the most ethical platform in leadership search, by guaranteeing that systemic Conflicts of Interest are never an issue.  This means our clients will always have maximum access to the addressable market of the best talent.

'Cost per Hire' - and strategic cost-effectiveness - together with 'Time to Hire' is always critical to ours and our Clients' hiring strategy. However, 'Quality of Hire' will always command our fundamental focus.

Connaught has a track record of placing outstanding leaders into world class organisations.

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Industry norms

  • High cost

  • Hard sell model

  • Diluted value

  • Inbuilt Conflicts of Interest

The Connaught Way

  • Cost effective, lean

  • Excellence in delivery

  • Concentrated value

  • The most ethical model in search

Connaught has an exceptional record of delivering tomorrow's leaders today

for our clients

Regional Staffing Manager – EMEA & APJ, MICROSOFT

"Connaught always plan, manage and execute international search projects that deliver exceptional quality candidates every time."



Connaught Search exists to help you to find tomorrow's leaders - today.  An enterprise is only as strong as its people and that starts at the top. We help our clients to build the most effective leadership team, by analysing all the available talent in the market and attracting the best.

Connaught pioneered Search Solutions as a service in the executive recruitment market. We were the first company to offer the core service of Embedded Search, a game-changing on-site process outsourcing platform, delivering higher volume executive recruitment, with significant cost benefits.


We live in extraordinary times, nothing has been quite the same since "Boaty McBoatface" in early 2016. 


We have seen populist, nationalist governments elected, Brexit, mass protests and.... still, a Pandemic.

The world is unrecognisable from just 5 years ago, we have been speaking to our clients about what they see for their world as we (hopefully) emerge from the biggest economic shock of the Century.

The only certainty we have is that extraordinary times will demand exceptional leaders.

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